�What we do, it�s nothing like TV or the movies,� said company founder and licensed private investigator Michele Harris on a recent weekday morning, as phones sporadically rang with current and prospective clients. Sitting at a nearby table, fellow P.I. Charles Harris, Michele�s husband and business partner, smiled and nodded How to Skiptrace? his head. �There�s not nearly that much drama,� he said, �but it�s pretty interesting work.� Operating under the motto Skiptracing �Large enough to serve, yet small enough to care,� Harris Investigations is mainly a two-person operation � with about 10 part-timers and on-call associates helping out as needed, Michele explained � that offers a full range of services. Process serving (i.e. hand-delivering subpoenas, complaints and other court documents), skiptracing (the art of finding people who�ve skedaddled, often to avoid paying debts or be a witness in criminal proceedings) and comprehensive background checks � particularly on behalf of landlords, employers and parents seeking a nanny � are the company�s bread-and-butter. But they�re also hired to do surveillance in cases involving suspected insurance fraud or adultery (�Although I tell people that if you think someone�s screwing around, Skiptrace they probably are, and you don�t need us,� Michele laughed); to perform detailed asset searches on behalf of lawyers and other clients who are considering litigation and want to first determine if it�s worthwhile; to go out to accident scenes and take photos and shoot video for possible use in court later; and to conduct a variety of investigations, some of them long-term, to do with child custody cases, nursing home neglect or medical fraud. �We have a good success rate with everything we How to find personal information? do,� said Michele, 47, who, like her 41-year-old husband, is a licensed, bonded and insured private investigator per Pennsylvania law � specifically, the commonwealth�s �Private Detective Act of 1953.� Individuals are required to possess three years of investigative experience, and be licensed by a judge, before they can legally work as a P.I. The Harrises are also licensed/bonded/insured in New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland, where they maintain satellite offices (they have additional offices in Pittsburgh and the Harrisburg area).

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