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Another Search Begins for Long-Missing Malaysian Airliner

The Australian-led search covered about 46,000 square miles of seabed and produced a trove of scientific information . But after coming up empty, officials concluded that the likely crash site was in an area of about 9,700 square miles north of the initial search zone. That is where the Seabed Constructor is now heading. Ocean Infinity describes itself as a technology company specializing in collecting high-resolution geophysical seabed data. The Seabed Constructor can use up to eight unmanned submarines, known as autonomous underwater vehicles, which can operate independently and at depths of nearly 20,000 feet. The company says the use of the untethered, deep-diving vehicles means it can search large areas of the ocean floor quickly and effectively. “Whilst there can be no guarantees of locating the aircraft, we believe our system of multiple autonomous vehicles working simultaneously is well-suited to the task at hand,” said Ocean Infinity’s chief executive, Oliver Plunkett. Many of the victims’ families have urged the authorities to continue the search and determine what happened to their loved ones. The state-owned Malaysia Airlines, Boeing and Rolls-Royce, the maker of the plane’s engines, also have a stake in figuring out why the aircraft disappeared.

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