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Data: A vital tool for disaster response

These results are noteworthy, but the process can be made more efficient. In a rural context, volunteers often scan through huge areas of satellite imagery to search for rural hamlets and villages. A lot of volunteer time is spent finding something to map rather than doing the actual mapping. It can be very difficult to locate accurate, timely, and detailed population information for many countries. This information plays an important role in program planning. For these reasons, the American Red Cross is excited to explore the use of Facebook’s population datasets for its projects. The Red Cross recently utilized Facebook data for an upcoming measles vaccination campaign in Malawi. Measles is extremely contagious and remains a major cause of mortality for young children in many countries. As part of the Measles & Rubella Initiative, the American Red Cross and other partners are supporting a vaccination campaign to immunize more than 7.5 million children across the country in June—and the Red Cross’s mapping team is conducting pilot efforts to integrate mapping into the work. The first step for teams was developing a rich base map for Malawi. At the beginning of planning, the Red Cross used Facebook data to identify population settlements across the country—and to identify areas which were already detailed in OpenStreetMap.

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