20, 2016, 02:15 PM UPDATED 11:53 AM Intellaegis president John Lewis recently compiled a two-part blog series for SWBC, a diversified financial services company that has interests in the automotive world along with insurance, mortgage banking and wealth management. While Lewis geared his collections compliance recommendations toward credit unions, the initial three suggestions on creating Paid Skiptracing tools a mock audit to prepare for a potential examination by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau could benefit finance companies of all sizes. Lewis structured his plan by taking a rudimentary approach, viewing the entire process as if it were kindergarten. “Having participated in a couple examinations by the CFPB with our clients who are top 20 auto finance lenders, we’ve seen firsthand why it’s important to get back to your roots — kindergarten,” said Lewis, whose company offers the skip-tracing and collection solution masterQueue. Lewis again will be leading discussions during the Re3 Conference at Used Car Week , which runs from Nov. 14 to 18 at the Red Rock Resort and Skiptracing sites Casino in Las Vegas. Like he’s done at Used Car Week, Lewis gave a step-by-step process in his material for SWBC . “First, take a good look at all your internal policies and procedures,” Lewis said. “Look for gaps between the various state and federal laws, as well as the interpretation of these laws as seen in specific enforcement already taken by regulators against lenders How to find personal information? and their vendors.

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